The 10 Qualities of Charismatic People

Secrets of Personal Magnetism

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At work, two managers with equal training and experience are put in charge of similar group objectives. But the results differ drastically. One task force flounders and misses a critical deadline. The other quickly meshes as a team and produces a report so stunning that the breadth, depth, and clarity of its ideas has everyone talking. Why does one manager succeed, while their colleague fails to connect with their people? When we consider these two individuals, we quite naturally ask, what's the source of their remarkable authority? What has so endowed these people with personal magnetism? Is it the ability to speak well? Or to protect an exciting, attractive self-image where others simply enjoy following their lead? Actually, it's all of that-and much more. It's all contained in the single word - charisma.

In this informative, entertaining and insightful program, you'll learn:

Silent messages - foundations that underlie the signals you send to others.
Your ability to speak well - articulate your terrific ideas.
Communicating with others to make them feel special in your presence.
Your persuasive talent - motivating others to follow your lead and your ideas.
Building bridges for others and understanding people's personalities.
Become "People Smart"
The spiritual dimension of charisma - create a better life for you.
And everyone you're in contact with.
Unleash the power of your creative mind.
And much more.
We tend to think of the charismatic person as the one having so much star quality that he or she stands out like Rin Tin Tin at a cat show. But charisma, like any other skill, can be exercised in different ways. It doesn't necessarily being showy or flamboyant. Charisma is the ability to influence others positively by connecting with them emotionally, intellectually, and perhaps even spiritually. Charisma comes from within you, and once you grasp this power, it will never be taken away.

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