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1. Power of Ambition6 Cd's/$79.95
2. Challenge to Succeed6 Cd's79.95
3. Take Charge of Your Life6 Cd's79.95
4. Jim's Weekend Seminar12 Cd'ss220.00
5. The Day that Turns Your Life Around5 Cds79.95
Cultivating Unshakable Character6 Cds79.95

Up Dated on January 7, 2016


The Motivating Tape Company

Changing ones mindset is a major key to ones recovery, and amazing transformations occurred in my life after I spoke with Paul Arroyo on turning point day mid November 1999. By following his initial advice and counsel I gradually rebounded from rock bottom and eventually attained my number one primary goal: optimal health, reducing from19 pills a day and becoming completely Rx free!

Mr. Arroyo offers a fantastic opportunity for achievement minded individuals to benefit from the wisdoms of numerous speakers and world-class trainers. I encourage everyone to explore his rental library and seek out every title of interest. There are literally dozens of magnificent works in his rental library that are complete gems that he can highly recommend. One favorite of mine is “How To Have Your Best Year Ever” by Jim Rohn.


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