How to Be a No-Limit Person

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There are some people who seem to achieve anything they set their minds to do. They're happy and prductive in life, no matter what the circumstances. They face theirs fears and challenges, and find ways to grow beyond them and live their lives to the fullest. In this break-through program, Dr. Wayne Dyer shows you how you can become one of these life-loving, "No Limit" people.

In these 12 powerful audio sessions, Dr. Wayne Dyer show you how as a no-limit person, you can:

Greet each day with a clear sence of direction.
Gain super physical and emotional health..
Reap the benefits of adopting a new attitude towards change.
Exercise a remarkable degree of control over everything in your life.
Enjoy each day to the fullest, unaffected by unnecessary concerns.
Develop a great self-image, and avoid resentment.
Tune into internal signals to deal effectively with everyday frustrations.
Become a catalyst for positive action.
Feel joy every day of your life.
And so much more!
With Dr. Wayne Dyer's guildance, you'll develop the power to make the best choices available to you everyday and become the kind of person who is fully alive, whose capacity for living a full, happy, healthy. and totally satisfying life seems vertually unlimited. In short, you'll become a no-limit person - the kind of positive, self-reliant person you're alway dreamed of being.

How to Be a No-Limit Person - 6 audio cassettes Program

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