The Psychology of Selling

The Art of Closing Sales

For salespeople on commission, the financial sky's the limit! All it takes to reach the stratosphere of sales success is desire, commitment and specialized knowlegde. You provide the first two-let Brian Tracy supply the rest. By following master seller Brian Tracy's instructions, you can triple your income. The Psychology of Selling makes sure that, once you've reached your goals, you'll never have to worry about staying on top. Because you'll have the skills to sell your way through tough economic times, personal slumps and increased competition.

Here are few of the many secrets Brian will share with you to make sure you become a top performer:

Why the top 20% of salespeople earn 16 times more than the rest.
The 10 characteristics of a superior salespeople.
The psychology of buying.
How to break a prospect's preoccupation.
Why goal setting is a key to sales success.
Six ways to increase effectiveness.
How to deal with a prospect's nine most common odjections.
The law of six and how it can help you.

A powerful sales personality is more important than product knowledge or basic selling skills, and Brian Tracy, in this "college level" course in selling, shares with you the personality profile and super sales professionals.

The Psychology of Selling - 6 CD Program

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