There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem

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With this trademark wit, wisdom, and humor, bestselling author and lecturer Dr.Wayne W. Dyer explains how we can evolve from the lowest level of consciousness (ego) to the highest (unity). Dr. Dyer starts out with a challenge from A Course In Miracles: "You don't have any problems; you only think you do." He goes on to illustrate how the mind can control both physical and emotional well-being all one has to do is create healthy, positive molecules and move away from negative thoughts. He also relates stories from real people, as well as anecdotes from his own life, to show how the presence of love and the face of hate can nullify all negativity (including anger, shame, guilt, depression, and dis-ease).

As you listen to this audio program, you will learn that "all is energy"; there is not "good" or "bad" in the world, only different frequencies. Low frequencies encompass negative feelings such as shame, guilt, depression, and fear. These emotions are what can weaken you and keep you mired in the unsatisfactory side of life. Dr. Dyer shows that until you raise yourself up into the higher frequencies (where you find understanding, love, joy, and serenity), you can never access the spiritual solutions to your problems.

Dr. Dyer notes that if something is not good, it is not of God. There fore, bringing the presence of God into any situation will help you resolve it. As such, he points out that meditation is the key to spiritual health-basically, you have a choice to playhost to God or be a hostage to your ego. Negative thoughts weaken your body, and Dr. Dyer illustrates this in a very entertaining way.

St. Francis of Assissi, Mother Teresa, Jesus Christ, and the Buddah are all mentioned as examples of individuals who applied spiritual solutions to their life's obstacles. Dr. dyer also cites the Bhagavad Gita as a source of inspiration and teaching. Dr. Dyer manages to break down the instructions of these highly evolved people into practical information you can use to improve your own life.

On these tapes, Wayne Dyer will entertain and educate you, but most important, you will learn that the power to change is right within you-and that there is "a spiritual solution to every problem." Dr. Wayne W. Dyer is an internationally reowned author and speaker in the field of self-development. He has written numerous bestselling books; has created a number of audios and videos; and has appeared on thousands of television and radio programs, including The Today Show, The Tonight Show, and Oprah.

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